M’s Pub Omaha

Ms Pub Best of Nebraska

Why it’s the best!

M’s Pub is a gem located Omaha’s famous Old Market that serves superior food at a reasonable price matched with an impressive selection of wine. M’s provides a unique dining experience with the atmosphere of a European Café. This café truly sets the standard of what a great dining experience should be!

The menu at M’s Pub is extremely diverse with a wide array of appetizers, sandwiches, entrees and of course their famous M’s Lahvosh. A Lahvosh is a delicious thin cracker-bread served with cheeses and other toppings that is very popular in Central and Eastern Europe.

A meal is perfect at M’s any time of day, but it is truly the ideal weekend dinner spot in the heart of Omaha’s restaurant, bar, and entertainment scene.

Recommendation: The Tai Lahvosh with Pinot Noir “LaForet”


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Photo Credit: M’s PubAsten via photopin (cc)