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Best of Nebraska Sage Hill Vineyard and Winery


Why it’s the best!

Founded in 2003, Sage Hill is a family-run vineyard and winery located in Parks, Nebraska. With 1,250 vines, Sage Hill is known for a wide variety of delicious and full-bodied wines including American and French varietals with a mix of reds, whites, and more.

Even more than makers of delicious wine, Sage Hills Vineyard is the perfect destination for friends, family, and couples. Come learn about about how wine is made and see the process first-hand while tasting some of Nebraska’s finest offerings. AND with lovely accommodations in the “Winemaker’s Loft” this beautiful area is also perfect for a romantic getaway.

Recommendation: Try it all, but don’t miss the Rhowdy Rhubarb wine!

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