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Create & Share Beautiful Itineraries

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Create the perfect itinerary.

All in one Travel Planner & Trip Cost Expense Organizer

Add Places

Know what you’re doing? Just type in the name of the place to add.

Add Saved Trip Ideas

Discover over 8 million trip ideas around the world to save and discuss with your group.

Google Maps

Travefy plots your itinerary into Google Maps so you can see where you’re going and what’s nearby.

Import Booking Confirmations

Forward your booking confirmation emails to import it automatically to your itinerary.

Add Notes & Links

It’s simple to add notes, instructions, web links, details, Google doc links and more.

Share your itinerary.

Shareable Itinerary

Share your itinerary via sharable web page

Share your itinerary with anyone without cramping your style.

Trip Invitation Page

Share your trip plans with large groups via the Trip Invitation Page

Have a large group and want them to RSVP on their own? This page makes it a snap.

Invite via Email

Invite others via email to collaborate on travel plans with you.

Invite others to collaborate on your trip plans.

Export your itinerary to PDF


Export a clean, organized PDF in seconds.

Share your trip via social media

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Get your #HumbleBrag on and post it.

Sync your itinerary to your calendar app.

Calendar Sync

Sync your itinerary to your calendar app of choice.

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Travefy’s new shareable itinerary lets you build an itineray in minutes and present a detailed, organized sharable version to share with friends, family, or customers.

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Travefy’s online and mobile itinerary creator makes trip planning easy and fun. Travefy is the perfect online vacation planner and trip planner organizer for travel professionals. Travefy makes it simple to collaborate & discuss trip details, find fun things to do on your trip, and build a detailed travel itinerary app. Travefy is an easy to use online trip planning site and trip itinerary maker.

Don’t worry about an itinerary template or how to make an itinerary, use Travefy’s itinerary builder to create your travel itinerary. Build your itinerary fast with email parsing: forward your booking confirmation emails to import reservation details automatically to your itinerary. Discover fun trip ideas and add them to your itinerary. Build a fun trip by browsing trip ideas with over 7 million restaurants, activities, landmarks and entertainment venues.