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Travefy - Online & Mobile Group Travel Planner

What is Travefy?

The easiest online & mobile group travel planner.

With Travefy, it’s simple to:

  • Collaborate on trip details and access millions of activities, restaurants, hotels, vacation rentals and more
  • Build a rich mobile itinerary to share with friends and family
  • Collect money for group expenses and never get stuck with the bill again

Travefy is perfect for:

Groups • Vacations • Holidays • Families • Trips with Friends

Forget the planning fiasco. Make it easy with Travefy’s free trip planning tools.

Book from over 500,000 vacation rentals.

Find & save trip ideas.

Travefy’s online trip planner gives you access to discover over 7 million restaurants & activities, and over 1 million hotels and vacation rentals. Find one you like? Save it to your Ideas for the group to comment on.

Split trip costs & collect money from your group.

Create itineraries in a snap.

Add places, events, notes and details in a snap. It’s easy & fast to add exactly what you want to your itinerary.

Discuss trip plans.

Collect money from the group.

It’s easy to collect deposits from everyone or track and divide trip expenses that are being shared.

Book from over 500,000 vacation rentals.

Bring your trip plans.

Access your trip plans from your phone. Travefy is fully mobile and ready to fly.

Split trip costs & collect money from your group.

Plan together. Share it.

Our group travel organizer makes it easy to discuss and compare trip ideas, settle the bill and the final schedule. You can even share your final itinerary with friends and family.

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Travefy makes it easy and fun to plan trips with friends and groups.

Travefy is the easiest group travel planner and it’s free!
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