Plan an amazing trip together.

Plan an awesome trip together.

Get started with Travefy’s free student trip planner.

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Free student trip planner
Create awesome trip plans with Travefy's free student travel planner.

Make Planning Student Trips a Breeze With Travefy!

When you and your group of friends are planning an awesome adventure, use Travefy to stay connected, find trip ideas, collect deposits, and make updates in real time.

Our student trip planner is perfect for organizing spring break, winter break, ski trips, Greek trips, student travel, and backpacking. It is the perfect central hub for planning your trip activities and making sure that everyone is on the same page.

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Collaborate on trip plans with your fraternity or sorority in one easy place.

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Search for amazing restaurants, activities and great places to stay.

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It’s easy to collect payments from your group to cover trip costs.

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Travefy is fully mobile friendly with no apps to download.

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You can search over 7 million restaurants, activities, landmarks and entertainment venues, so you can plan the ultimate vacation with your friends. Find great places to stay as we have over 1 million hotels & vacation rentals to book. Once you’ve found the activities you want to enjoy, Travefy lets you collect money from group members for expenses (and keep track of those monies with the expense tracker), create and share mobile-friendly itineraries, and more. It’s all available on one simple, detailed, comprehensive app from Travefy that all group members can access. One party, one place!